The Busy Season Begins!

                 With January coming to a close the adrenaline in the studio only begins to build. It is so very exciting to see all the dancers working so hard. It is also exciting to see the dances take form. February is always a chaotic and quick month preparing for exams & upcoming competitions. As a studio, it is nice to see the teamwork and ability to work together so easily! Keep up the good work dancers!

Attire & Attendance

                 With choreography in full swing, being at dance becomes imperative. Regular attendance is important to ensure that dancers can learn dances in order to perform them to the best of their ability. As well, it is very important to be ready to go for your child`s scheduled class time. Coming late causes the class to have to stop and go over anything they may have missed and this leads to unproductive dance classes and is also very distracting. Thank you for your anticipated cooperatio. If your child must be late or absent please remember to contact the studio. Please remember to wear proper attire to dance class and ensure that hair is secured back. Reminder that black bodysuits and suntan tights are to be worn to all technique and exam classes.

ADAPT Exams     

Exam dates are schedule for March 8th-9th, please keep an eye out for an eamil in the next week or two regarding your childs times.

Competition Dates

                 We have been officially accepted and approved into our competitions for 2017! Yay! Competition dates are as follows:

  • Carnival-Moose Jaw-April 6th-9th (Junior & Up)
  • Dance Evolution-Regina-April 22nd-23rd (Intermediate & Up)
  • · Dance Explosion-Regina-May 5th-7th (All)
  • ·5,6,7,8 Showtime-Saskatoon-May 12th-14nd (Troupe Only)
  • Dance Canada-Winnipeg-May 19th-22nd (Troupe Only)
  • Recital-Regina-June 3rd (All)

Solos, Duos, Trios

                 Please be sure to inquire about setting a date and time for your dancer to come in and learn their masterpiece!

Dance Explosion

                 Dance Explosion is the competition that our studio runs and all dancers are involded in. In order to continue the success of it, parent involvement is essential. This is also a major form of fundraising at studio, the work you put in is logged and the profit is split among the volunteers and studio. If you are interested in the planning of the competition or helping run it please contact the studio. Your involvement is appreciated in anyway

Winter Break

                 We will take a short Winter break as the kids are out of school from February 20h-26th. With that said, we will be running solo/duo classes, don't forget to check for available times to sign up for. Dancers, please use this break to stretch, go over dances,study for your up coming exams, relax, rejuvenate, and prepare for the busy competition season that is approaching.

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