contemporary d1CONTEMPORARY dance is a common form of dance that is often misunderstood. Unlike traditional dance methods, it is a raw form of dance that does not follow any rules. Popular to audiences and dancers alike, it portrays the world through the eyes of the dancer, their experiences, stories, and emotions. Contemporary danced emerged in the 20th century as dancers strived to exhibit more personal expression in their dancing. It was a way to stray from the more traditional and structured styles. Breaking the conventional style of dance, contemporary focuses on the freedom of movement.When performing, dancers focus on connecting their mind and body through fluid dance moves. This allows dancers to explore emotions, and use their natural energy to portray personal expression in their dance techniques. There is no rule of thumb to what type of elements their performance can include, but you will find a combination of techniques often ranging from ballet, jazz, modern, break dancing and even yoga and Pilates.

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