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Dance Sensations’ aspirations are to NURTURE dancers and INSPIRE dreamers. Every child is different and has different reasons to dance. All teachers and assistants take the time to know why each child enjoys their classes.  We care for each of the children, whether a beginner student just starting out, a teen recreational or competitive student going through difficult times.  Our studio is very family oriented and we believe that parent involvement, support, and encouragement are essential for a successful and rewarding educational dance experience. 

The whole reason for participating in activities such as Dance is to give our kids a greater opportunity. A greater opportunity to further their career, a greater opportunity to improve their fitness, to improve their confidence, or even just to improve their social environment and teamwork skills.

Dance education helps students develop personal focus as well as self-esteem.  It helps to lengthen attention spans, learn music appreciation, and allows for self-expression and discipline.  The physical benefits of dance include balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, strength, stamina and control.  The social and emotional benefits include discipline and responsibility, learning to work individually and as a team; enjoying the success and camaraderie of the class.  

Dance Sensations offers classes in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Technique, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Creative Movement, Creative Movement/Tap Combo classes, Conditioning, Ball & Band, “Boys Only” Tumbling & Hip Hop Classes, Teen recreational dance classes, Adult Classes, ADAPT Exam classes and PiYo LIVE.

We hope that we will be able to accommodate your child at Dance Sensations By Desiré and are honoured to introduce your child to the benefits of a dance education.


Ø  All students, teachers, and staff are expected to demonstrate respect for all members of Dance Sensations By Desire’, as well as the facility. Dance Sensations By Desire’ reserves the right to dismiss anyone who acts disrespectful at the discretion of the staff.

Ø  No food or drinks in the dance studios.

Ø  No gum chewing in class.

Ø  If a student will be missing from a class, it is their (or their parent/guardians) responsibility to inform their teacher or the studio. While it is understood that emergencies and sicknesses happen, if a dancer has missed three classes, it is up to the discretion of the instructor if the dancer must do a half-hour private lesson at the cost of $35.00 in order to catch up. This is not a punishment: when a dancer has missed too many classes, it is not fair to the group, the instructor, or the dancer themselves. The group does not want to be held back, the instructor has planned out classes, and the dancer who missed will struggle with being behind. The opportunity to do a make-up class allows the child to catch up and will keep the class on track!



Dress Code: A student needs to; look like a DANCER, to feel like a DANCER, to dance like a DANCER!

Ø  NO JEWELERY IN CLASS, earrings may be worn if they are small.  Absolutely no necklaces, bracelets, or watches please.

Ø  Long hair must be pulled back into a high ponytail, or bun (NO bangs).  (A bun is mandatory for all Technique, Ballet, & exam classes.)  Short hair must be neat and off the face (NO bangs).  Please secure hair to ensure it stays in place for the entire class.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Ø  Proper dance attire is a MUST!! - Bodysuit and tights. (NO T-SHIRTS, LOOSE PANTS, OR SHORTS)  Bodysuit and tights is mandatory for all classes. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Ø  Junior-Senior levels must wear black only to class.

Ø  Please note: NO Pants for any classes with the exception of Hip Hop!

Ø  Improper dance attire and hair will not be tolerated and may result in your child being sent home if this problem persists.

Ø  All students must wear tights to all classes. 

Ø  Proper footwear.  See individual class requirements below for your child’s specific shoe requirements.

Ø  Mark all shoes and dancewear with child’s name.



Dancer’s Den

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