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Star Students of The Month


Silver Thorpe

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Silver is 5 years old and one of our very hard working dancers. This month she has earned herself our Pre-Junior “Star Student” award! Her favourite step is walking flaps and her favourite class to dance in is Ballet! Silver’s favourite colour is pink and purple. Keep up the great work Silver!


Emma Anderson

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Emma is 5 years old and is always a pleasure to have in the studio. She is our Pre-Junior “Stick to It” award winner for the month of October! Her favourite step is ponies and her favourite style of dance is Jazz. Emma’s favourite colour is red and blue. Great job Emma!


Dessa Tiefenbach

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Dessa is a passionate dancer that always works to her full potential and by working so hard she received the “Star Student” award in the Junior group! Her favourite step is splits and she has acknowledged that her Ballet barre has improved since the start of the year! Dessa would like to keep working on her overall flexibility and getting all three of her splits. Keep smiling and working towards your goals Dessa! 


Emma Yakimchuck

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Emma is one of our hard working Pre Intermediate dancers who ialways is ready to give 110% each class. She has earned herself our “Stick to It” award for the month of December. Her favourite step is chassé. Emma has acknowledged her overall flexibly in her splits has improved so far this year! Emma wants to improve on her double pirouettes! Awesome work Emma! 


Sophia Mitchell

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Sophia is a very enthusiastic and good-spirited dancer! This month she has earned herself our “Star Student” award for the Pre Intermediate group. Her favourite step is split walks. Sophia has improved her overall flexibility and her splits. She is working towards improving her double pirouettes. Keep working hard and you will only see more improvements within your dancing!


Sydney Strogal

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Sydney is a very dynamic dancer in our Intermediate group, and by working so hard she received the “Star Student” award for the month of November. Her favourite step is développé jétés. Sydney has acknowledge that her Tap work has improved since the start of the year. She is working towards improving her overall flexibly. Keep working hard Sydney and you will only see more improvements within your dancing! 


Group of The Month  


Pre Juniors

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We are so proud of our Pre Juniors and have chosen to recognize them as our Group of the Month! These young dancers are always a joy to work with and we love seeing how hard they work each and every class. These dancers have been working on sugar twists and walking flaps in tap. In Jazz they’ve been busy working on their chassés and ponies. In ballet class they’ve been working on learning butterfly runs and sautés. It’s amazing to see how far these dancers have come since the beginning of September. We are very proud of their hard work and can’t wait to see them shine on stage. Keep dancing and smiling!



Class Assistant of The Month


Breanna Glen

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Breanna is a passionate dancer with the Pre Intermediate group and has been part of our studio since she was just six years old. Breanna was excited again to get the opportunity to be a class assistant with the Pre Junior group. Breanna’s favorite part of helping the Pre Junior group is fixing their mistakes and helping them become better dancers. Breanna wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up which is one of the reasons she loves being a class assistant for the studio. Breanna has learned quite a few things assisting over the past year and a half and one of them is how to be a positive role model for the younger dancers. Breanna is training in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Acro. She has been working very hard on her Junior 3 ADAPT Jazz and Tap exams that she will be taking in the spring. One of Breanna’s favorite steps to do at dance is running pas de bourreés and her goal this year is to improve on her double pirouettes. Miss Desire’ and Miss Cara are glad to have her help and are looking forward to our 2017-2018 dance season. 





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